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Wombaroo Guinea Pig Milk Replacer is a nutritionally balanced milk substitute for guinea pigs. Use for orphaned pups, large litters or when mother?s milk is limited.
Key Features:

Specifically formulated to match the composition of guinea pig milk.
High in Protein Content - to sustain the rapid growth of pups.
Contains stabilised Vitamin C - an essential nutrient for guinea pigs.
Success in hand-rearing young guinea pigs (pups) greatly improves if they receive colostrum at birth. Pups that don?t get colostrum from the mother can be fed Impact Colostrum Supplement. Commence feeding Wombaroo Guinea Pig Milk Replacer after the initial feeds of colostrum.

Making up Milk:
To make 1 litre of milk: Add 190g of powder to 850ml of warm water.
To make 105mls of milk: Add 20g of powder to 90ml of warm water.

Add half the water to the powder first and mix to a paste. Then add the remaining water and mix thoroughly. Pre-boil the water to ensure it is sterilised. If the water is too hot it can cause the milk to curdle. If it is too cold then it will be difficult to disperse the powder. Wombaroo contains elevated protein levels, so the milk needs to be well mixed to prevent it from separating out. An electric whisk can be used for mixing larger quantities. Milk can be stored in the fridge for a day or can be frozen for up to 2 weeks. It is useful to make-up larger quantities and store it frozen in small portions (eg ice cube trays), so that the required daily feed volumes can be easily thawed out. Once thawed out, discard any unused milk, and wash feeding utensils thoroughly.