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? Avi One Bird Swing w/ Wooden Perch 28cm Large. Add a cute and functional accessory to your pet bird's cage!

? Features a sturdy wire link with a wooden perch that your bird will feel comfortable standing on

? Designed with a round hook on top for easy hanging in cages. Can easily be reattached to other locations

? Simple overall design blends easily with most cage decorations

? Watch your feathered friend have tons of fun swinging and beautify their cages!

For: Avi One
Style: Pet Accessory
Model: Bird Swing
Model Wears: Large (28cm)

? 1x Avi One Bird Swing
? Bird Swing
? Suitable For Birds
? Wire Link
? Wooden Perch
? Top Hook
? Easy to Install
? Provides Hours of Fun

Surprise your feathered friend with a new accessory and beautify their cage! Avi One Bird Swing features a sturdy wire link and a wooden perch perfect for your birds to spend hours swinging in. Designed with a round hook on top for easy installation in cages. Finished off with a simple design that will look great in any cage. Watch your pet spend hours relaxing on this swing!