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BattleaxePRO Roach Bait Gel

Insecticide bait

Fipronil 0.5 g/kg

Ready-to-use gel bait syringe

20 gram with free sample Pestie Dotz

Cockroaches all pest species

BattleaxePRO Roach Bait is a ready-to-use high-performance broad-spectrum cockroach gel bait utilising the powerful active fipronil. Highly palatable cross all species small and large this bait entices immediate feeding through a unique bait matrix. Without question this is the best value for money cockroach gel available to Pest Management Professionals.

Key Features:

Excellent palatability
Non-scheduled poison
Extra high strength 0.5 g/kg Fipronil
New wide body syringe suitable for all gun
Excellent for German cockroaches and all other species
Firm bait maintains shape
Non-runny formulation
Neutral, non-offensive colour
High mortality in short time
Clean, odourless and unobtrusive
3 modes of action: ingestion, contact and cascade effect
Recommend using in conjunction with Pestie Dotz for accurate monitoring and bait size placement
New BattleaxePRO Roach Gel is a firm highly attractive bait matrix. It has a pale off white colour. BattleaxePRO Roach Gel does not contain bird offal (i.e. Chicken livers) as part of its bait matrix. Its special high-performance matrix utilises a number of proprietary ingredients tailored and tested under Australian conditions. Market research shows that traditional offensive brown baits are much despised by users and end customers. White coloured gel baits are hard to locate and monitor on repeat visits. BattleaxePRO Roach Gel has been designed for the Australian professional segment with a non-offensive colour which is easily identifiable on repeat visits by the pest technician.

Areas of use

Domestic, commercial and public service buildings including; farm buildings, food processing establishments, factories, hospitals, homes, kitchens, offices, restaurants, retail outlets, store-rooms, vehicles and other situations which fall within these definitions

Best practice guidelines

? Conduct a thorough inspection prior to application of any chemical product.
? Read and follow directions on the label.
? Avoid application of synthetic pyrethroid sprays around areas where gel baits have been applied.
? Monitor bait placements at regular intervals; replenish gel if previous application has been consumed and cockroaches remain a problem; increase number of spots if necessary.
? Avoid applying to areas which are regularly washed.
? To avoid resistance development, rotate with other gel baits which use other active substances.
? In order to reduce possibility of development of gel aversion, consider integrated use of other control methods too (e.g. use of non-repellent dusts and sprays).

Application rate and delivery

1 to 3 spots/m2 of treated surface

Spot size should be about 5 mm in diameter or approximately 0.1 g of product