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The Reptile One Modular Rock Caves will make your reptile feel like they are in their natural environment. The realistic rock appearance adds a natural feel to your terrarium giving your reptile comfort and security in its home.

Features & Benefits:

Realistic texture blends into the decor of any terrarium.
Large Modular Rock Cave features a slit in the side of the cave, allowing you to place the specially designed Reptile One 5w heat mat (sold separately), allowing your reptile to bask comfortably.
Provides an elevated basking spot.
Hygienic and easy to clean.
Durable construction.
Modular application to suit your reptiles requirements.
Available in two different sizes.
Specifications: Available in 2 sizes:

46659M - Modular Rock Cave Stackable (M) 30.5 X 10.5 X 10.5CM
46659L - Modular Rock Cave Stackable Heat Mate Ready (L) 28.8 X 11.2 X 19CM
Suitable For: Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongue Lizards & Geckos