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Looking after horses is hard work, so it makes sense to use bedding that is easy to set up, muck out and dispose of whilst also being economical and cost effective.

Proteq Equine Bedding is a wood pellet product that is made from pure pine softwood and is a superior alternative to traditional horse bedding such as sawdust, sand, rice hull and straw. Manufactured in Maryborough, Queensland, Proteq is heat treated for hygiene with no chemical additives meaning it is clean, safe bedding for your horse and breaks down quickly in your garden.

Proteq has a moisture content of below 8% which allows urine to be quickly and efficiently absorbed in clumps for easy removal, meaning ease of cleaning, less bedding waste and a smaller manure pile. And because Proteq has a fluidity similar to sand, the clean bedding easily falls through your pitchfork only leaving behind used bedding and manure.

Proteq Equine Bedding is a premium wood derived animal bedding product, which is a superior alternative to traditional equine bedding products such as sawdust, shavings and straw.

Proteq meets all key bedding qualities:

Safe for Horses
Readily available supply
Superior absorbency
Biodegradable and easily compostable
Easy to storeDust screened
Easy to use/time saving to clean
Cost effectiveNon-palatable to Horses
Environmentally Friendly