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Cool Energy & Condition
Weight Plus allows your horse to achieve optimum body condition while maintaining calm. This uniquely formulated feed is packed with essential nutrients as well as chaff, premium quality protein meals (containing a complete amino acid profile), black oil sunflower seeds and oil (omega 3, 6 &9 rich), providing your equine with the highest quality ingredients. Weight Plus helps to improve muscle definition, increases top line and enhances coat condition and shine.
Provide roughage as required.
Suitable for:
All types of equines that require conditioning, while maintaining their calmness.
Benefits for your equine athlete:
Maximizes body condition
Improves coat condition
Nutritionally balanced & highly digestible
Cereal Grain Free Feed
Contains added vitamins & minerals
Enriched with Pro(n8)ure - a Probiotic, Prebiotic and Multi-Strain enzyme