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Turkey Starter is a highly nutritious food formulated to be fed to turkey poults from day old to 6 weeks of age.
The diet is balanced for essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to ensure strong and healthy growth.
It is manufactured in crumble form to ensure that it is easy for small birds to consume and contains a coccidiostat for the prevention of the intestinal disease coccidiosis.
Feeding Recommendations
Feed Turkey Starter crumbles ad lib. from day old to 6 weeks of age.
From 6 weeks of age feed ?Meatline Starter? crumbles or ?Gamebird Finisher MP? ad lib. until 12 weeks of age.
From 12 weeks of age feed ?Meatline Finisher? pellets ad lib. until kill.
Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.
Lasalocid sodium:
This feed contains Lasalocid sodium for the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria species.
Do not feed to hens producing fertile eggs or game birds other than turkeys.
Do not feed to camelids, horses or other equids as it may be fatal.
Withholding periods:
Meat: Pullets & Broilers 3 days; Turkeys nil; Eggs: 14 days.