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Kohnke's Own Troppo-Salts is a concentrated supplement of mixed salts for horses under hot, humid or tropical conditions. Troppo-Salts, as its name suggests, is formulated to make up shortfalls of a range of salts, as well as provide additional Vitamin E and Vitamin C, for horses living and working under hot, humid environments.

Contains all essential salts, but to ensure adequate sodium is provided, Troppo-Salts is supplemented on a 'scoop for scoop' rate with ordinary plain salt - it makes it much more economical to feed.
Provides glucose to assist sodium uptake and Vitamin E, as well as Vitamin C.
Extra potassium and magnesium salts help to meet the daily requirements where the ration has low or inadequate levels.
Troppo-Salts is palatable, it's not dusty and doesn't sift out of feed.

SIZES: 2kg; 5kg;

Handy Hint: Add Troppo-Salts on a 'scoop for scoop' basis with plain, fine salt for a more economical way of meeting the needs for horses living and working under tropical conditions - it's a real innovation to give your horses exactly what they need at all times.