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QuikHEAL is an broad-spectrum antifungal and antibacterial ointment, containing sulphur and copper sulphate to heal greasy heel and other skin conditions fast.
Why do I need it?
? Fast Acting
? Antibacterial and antifungal
? Easy to use ready to apply formula
? Highly effective against infection
? Thick ointment is easy to apply and also does not run off easily
? Water resistant ? acts as a barrier to keep moisture away from the area.
? Treats a broad range of conditions including:
Greasy heel
Rain scald
Nicks & cuts
Girth gall
Saddle sores
How does QuikHEAL work?
? As soon as bacteria and or fungi enter broken skin they iname the skin causing mild to severe irritation.
? The active ingredients in QuikHEAL effectively kill the bacteria and fungi.
? QuikHEAL is water resistant aiding in its longevity on the wound once applied.
? The combination of sulphur and copper sulphate in QuikHEAL also aids in providing an unfavourable environment for bacteria and helps to prevent reinfection.
? QuikHEAL works as a water barrier to allow the anti-fungal ingredients to do their job.
? When using to treat greasy heal soak and wash scabs to soften and attempt to remove.
? Dry the area thoroughly and apply QuikHEAL.
? If weather conditions are fine and sunny leave the area open to direct sunlight.
? If wet conditions persist, bandage the affected area with Kelato Cotton Wool & Gauze and EduroWRAP.
? Reapply QuikHEAL daily.
? Seek professional advice before using in conjunction with other topical ointments.
The active ingredients in QuikHEAL include Sulphur, Copper Sulphate and Tar Acids. Does NOT contain lead.