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COST: $22 each
Purebred chicks are only available as day olds. We never get pullets or hens - sorry guys!

PLEASE NOTE: We have a larger than normal request for chickens during this time. We have an extensive wait list. We are happy to add you to the wait list, with the understanding that we may not get to your name on the next batch of chicks (We cannot give you an expected arrival date at this time). To be added to the wait list please send your name, phone number, wanted breeds and how many chicks you are wanting to purchase to

When we get to your name on the list, and we get confirmed numbers and arrival date for the hens we will call you to secure your hens with payment. We dont hold stock, including chicks without payment. We are ok to hold your chicks instore for a couple of days, once payment is made, but we would prefer you collect your chicks the day they arrive. We have some boxes for transport instore, however we highly recommend you bring your own well ventilated box or carry cage.

We send your chicks home with an adoption certificate, with general information on details of chicks and ongoing care. Most importantly it has our Rooster Refund Policy on the back page.

Our SEXED PUREBRED chicks are from the age of 2 days upwards, depending on arrival in store, to when you purchase them. They are vaccinated (mareks and fowl pox), and lice controlled.

Breeds commonly available, but not guarenteed: Rhode Island Red, Black Australorps, Leghorns, Red New Hampshire, Wynadottes, Barnavelders, Sussex, Welsummer, Araucana, Plymouth Rock, Ancona

Our "Rooster Refund Policy" is on the back of this Adoption Certificate. Please read this carefully prior to leaving the store. Our policy is a refund of purchase price only.

We recommend a high quality food for the chicks, with adequate protein levels. As they become adults - we recommend 3 monthly worming, regular lice control and addition of shell grit. We have several products in store - please have a chat to our staff about food, worming and lice control if you are unsure.

Live animals purchased directly from our shop have a 2-day health guarantee. If in this time your pet has any health problems, you must contact us immediately on 4056 2510. Failure to do so will void this guarantee. We will not reimburse any veterinary expenses incurred without first gaining our authorization. This guarantee is valid provided the animal receives the appropriate care after leaving our shop. It is your own responsibility to ensure you have the basic knowledge of how to care for the animal before you take it home. If you are unsure on how to properly care for your pet, please make this clear to us before purchase.


Our chicks are sourced from a reputable and trusted supplier. They have a 90-95% success rate on sexing the chicks - This means you have 5-10% chance of a rooster.


" The (live) rooster must be returned in store.
" Roosters must be pre-arranged to be brought into the shop. We will not accept them if prearrangement is not made. Staff will ask for your mobile number or email, so the time and date can be confirmed in writing.
" Please call the shop on 4056 2510, to make arrangements for the return of the rooster.

NOTE: We will always take the roosters back; however, we need to make sure we have appropriate pen space for them. We don't pen roosters together that could fight with each other.
" There is no collection available for roosters, so customers in remote areas please keep this in mind.
" This Adoption Certificate must be produced.
" The refund is of purchase price only.
" The Rooster Refund expires 4 months after date of adoption (see front of certificate for that date).

NOTE: Roosters generally start to show they are different from hens at quite an early age (6-8 weeks). Larger combs, taller tail feathers, saddle feathers changing shape etc etc. These all happen well before they start to crow.

If you have concerns that one of your chicks is looking like rooster at a young age, please contact us instore, via email or Facebook with photos. The sooner they are returned to us, prior to them crowing, then the longer chance we have to rehome them.

" IMPORTANT - We try to rehome as many of the returned roosters into breeding homes, farms etc, however sometimes the roosters go through "circle of life" for wildlife food. We can assure you if that happens, it is done humanely.

Please keep your ADOPTION CERTIFICATE in a safe place, as you MUST produce this certificate as proof of purchase. We hope you enjoy your chickens as much as we do!