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COST: $30 each

PLEASE NOTE: We have a larger than normal request for chickens during this time. We have an extensive wait list. We are happy to add you to the wait list, with the understanding that we may not get to your name on the next batch of hens (We cannot give you an expected arrival date at this time). To be added to the wait list please send your name, phone number and how many hens you are wanting to purchase to

When we get to your name on the list, and we get confirmed numbers and arrival date for the hens we will call you to secure your hens with payment. We dont hold stock, including hens, without payment. We are ok to hold your hens instore for a couple of days, once payment is made, but we would prefer you collect your hens the day they arrive. We have some boxes for transport instore, however we highly recommend you bring your own well ventilated box or carry cage.

We send your hens home with an adoption certificate, with general information on details of hens and ongoing care.


We get our Point of Lay Hens every 6 weeks. They are a commerical laying hens, called Bond chickens. The brown ones are also oftern called Isa Browns.

Our Point of Lay Hens can range from 16 weeks to 21weeks. True Point of Lay for commercial hens is 21 weeks, but please understand they are not machines, so may not start exactly on 21 weeks. Please allow for settling in period. They are vaccinated, wormed and lice controlled before leaving our store.

Bond Brown Layer
A variegated brown crossbred layer. Highly productive laying large brown shelled eggs. Excellent liveability during both rearing and lay. Good docile temperament and easily
managed. Good feed conversion resulting in efficient egg production.
Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

Bond Black Layer
This easy care bird produces light brown shelled eggs and performs well under variable conditions.
Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen

Bond White Layer
A pure white small-framed crossbred. Excellent liveability and high feed efficiency egg production.
Eggs white to off white in shell colour.
Breed: Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

We recommend a high quality food for the hens, with adequate protein levels. They need protein for egg production. We also recommend 3 monthly worming, regular lice control and addition of shell grit. We have several products in store - please have a chat to our staff about food, worming and lice control is you are unsure.

Live animals purchased directly from our shop have a 2 day health guarantee. If in this time your pet has any health problems you must contact us immediately on 4056 2510. Failure to do so will void this guarantee. We will not reimburse any veterinary expenses incurred without first gaining our authorization. This guarantee is valid provided the animal receives the appropriate care after leaving our shop. It is your own responsibility to ensure you have the basic knowledge of how to care for the animal before you take it home. If you are unsure on how to properly care for your pet please make this clear to us before purchase.