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Livamol is a palatable blend of proteins. energy and polyunsaturated oils formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance of all stock, including stud and show animals. Selected omega-3 fatty acids and high oil protein meals improve coat and skin appearance.Coat colour may be affected by dietary levels of minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. Livamol has been formulated to supplement daily intakes of protein, fatty acids,vitamins and minerals including calcuim and phosphorus.

Daily Feeding Rates :
Horses 200-500g
Foals 100g until three months old, then 100g per 100kg live weight
Cattle 500g to 1kg (or up to 15% in ration)
Calves 100g per 100kg live weight
Sheep & Goats 200g
Kids & Lambs 25g until three months old. then adult rates
Poultry Add into poultry feed up to 25% or provide free access
Dogs 25 to 50g ( 1 to 2 Tablespoons )