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Dine A Chook Small Chicken Feeder:
3.5lt capacity Dine A Chook backyard chicken feeder
Feeds up to 4 Chooks for four days
535mm tall - ideal for small coops with a height restriction
Patented Dine A Chook Rain Cover and Gutter System
Rear Moulded Hooks
Watertight Cover Lid
includes Bonus Mounting Kit with Screws and Steel brackets
Also available: Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder size.

Unique Features:
The Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken feeder is made to save you money and stop feed wastage instantly. Our Silo Inspired Feeding Bay prevents Chickens Thrashing as well as Raking their feed mix. Meaning almost zero feed wasted on the ground. To further help Chickens which selectively feed we recommend a Pellet Feed Mix. Scratch Feed Mix are the ones with all the colourful grains, corn etc. in them. Chickens develop selective feeding when using scratch mixes. Such behaviour stops them from getting the essential nutrients they require as they are only eating what they like. Pellet mixes give them less choice and more essential nutrients. Our Chicken feeder Bay uses both Horizontal and Vertical Paddle technology to prevent raking and wasted feed. This unique design makes our automatic chicken feeder one of the best poultry feeders on the market.

Featuring rear moulded mounting hooks, no screws or rivets, the design is easy to install in minutes. Plus all our Feeders come with our Free Dine A Chook Mounting Kit so you can Install your Chicken Feeder to Timber and Metal.

Benefits of a Dine A Chook Automatic Poultry Feeder:
Instantly save money by not Wasting Feed.
Super Easy installation
100% Australian Made Quality
Fully Constructed in Australia
UV Commercial Quality ASA Plastic
Ideal inside Coops which are height restrictive
No Glues, Screws or Weak Spots
5 year Warranty*

Origin:Made in Australia