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Advanced Cool Performer Pellets are a low starch feed with
added minerals and vitamins, suitable for adult horses
including horses sensitive to high grain diets. Cool
Performer Pellets are proudly manufactured in Far North
Queensland. They are designed to meet the energy, protein,
vitamin and mineral requirements of horses and ponies
used for sport and leisure. Being in a pellet form, the grain
component has been finely ground and heat treated in the
pelleting process to gelatinise the starch. This process
makes the energy more digestible in the horse?s stomach
and small intestine and reduces the amount of starch
getting to the hind gut (large intestine). Excess starch
getting to the hind gut is undesirable because it is
fermented to produce acids and in excess these acids can
lead to acidosis, colic, laminitis and can be fatal.
The horse?s digestive system is designed to digest grass and
they must always have a high level of roughage in their diet
(at least 50%). Advanced Cool Performer Pellets can be fed
at low levels as a maintenance supplement to ensure the
horses mineral and vitamin requirements are met. Higher
feeding rates will provide additional energy and protein to
improve body condition or improve energy levels if higher
levels or work are required.
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