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Disinfectant detergent cleaner for use in surgeries, farm & animal house sanitation and abattoirs etc. PINE PERFUME or TUTTI FRUTTI perfume

Product Benefits:
Clinikill? possesses high germicidal activity with broad spectrum efficiency as a bactericide, algaecide and fungicide, as well as a powerful detergent. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service have approved Pharmachem Clinikill? Concentrate for use in export quality abattoirs.

Pharmachem Clinikill? Concentrate is biodegradable. It should not be used in a manner contrary to the label. When diluted to 1:40 (H2O) it destroys the micro-organism Escherichia Coli in one minute. When diluted to 1:100 (H2O) it will kill E.Coli in ten minutes.

Pleasant Pine or Tutti Frutti (Bubble gum) Fragrances.