Herbs for Hennies

Herbs for Hennies

Herbs have an amazing part of our life, so why not consider them for your chickens too?  We hand blend a mix just for the chooks in your life :)

Our blend is full of herbs, grains, and lots of other goodies.  Here are ingredients in our blend and what makes them special.

PARSLEY: Laying stimulant, high in nutrients

BASIL: Immune support, mucus membrane health

CHAMOMILE: Calming and good for general health

OREGANO: anti-parasitic; combats coccidian and salmonella

MINT: aids in respiratory health, digestive aid

ROSEMARY: Calming, pain reliever, aids in respiratory health

SAGE: laying stimulant, antioxidant, general health promoter

THYME: aids in respiratory health, antibacterial

CALENDULA: produces vibrant egg yolks, feet and beaks

GARLIC: Aids in control of internal pests

FLAX: Source of Omega 3

SEAWEED: Powerful prebiotic, vitamins, minerals & amino acids

CHILLI: Repels bacteria, natural de-wormer

MEALWORMS: Super rich protein source

ROLLED OATS: Rich in protein & fatty acids (we use organic oats)

WHEAT: Improves digestive tract

BLACK SUNFLOWER: Fat for weight gain

Available in 3 different sizes.  Don't forget we can home deliver these with your next pet food order!