Have you met our little dog JJ?

Staff Update -

Have you met our little dog JJ?

JJ - Our shop supervisor

If you are a regular customer instore then you would already be familiar with our cute little dog JJ.  He is our shop supervisor, keeping us all on our toes.

He has us all well trained to open the office door, even though there is a pet door installed.  JJ thinks the pet door is actually just for the cats, so he wont use it.  He barks at us till we open and close the door for him.  Trained his humans well!

JJ lives to play fetch and will sometimes bring his "treasures" to customers to throw.  He loves the game!

He also loves attention, but prefers for you to get down to his level and scratch his chest (favourite ever). 

He is an adorable little man and we love him dearly!